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Dermogenera Chemical Peels

SC Skin Clinic is delighted to introduce a new Chemical Peeling treatment, which is quick and easy, with no need to prep the skin for weeks before hand, no discomfort and no downtime but with maximum effectiveness!

Dermogenera products are made in Italy and can be adapted to treat every skin concern, formulated and balanced to deliver active ingredients where they are needed without causing irritation. Their philosophy is simple: to purify, repair, hydrate and most importantly to protect the skin in the most natural way possible, providing a compact active range for optimum results with respect for both the skin and for the environment. 

Chemical peeling is an accelerated exfoliation induced by chemical agents. The results is an improved appearance of the skin, with fewer signs of ageing. They are also used to balance sebum, improve the appearance of scarring and for pigmentation issues. 

It literally removes or stimulates faster exfoliation of the layers of skin so that newer, healthier skin cells can surface. In that process blemishes, scars, pigmentation and other imperfections are peeled away.

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Glycolic Acid Peel

Boosts cellular renewal, improves hydration and is extremely effective for anti-ageing due to its small molecule and therefore ability to reach deep within the layers.  

Single treatment £67

Mandelic Acid Peel

Anti-bacterial, lightens, boosts cellular renewal and hydration. A great choice for reducing pigmentation as produces regenerated, smoother and brighter skin.

Single treatment £67

Salicylic Acid Peel

Highly effective at combating skin impurities and acne. Its sebum regulating properties tackles blackheads and comedones, and helps to regulate sebum to prevent future outbreaks.

Single treatment £67

Combination Bespoke Peel

Layers of peel are combined offering the client a bespoke peel for their specific concerns.

Single treatment £75