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Pam Cushing - Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic

Aesthetic injectables

At SC Skin Clinic we are delighted to have Pam Cushing working alongside us! Pam is a highly experienced nurse (and miracle worker!) An independent prescriber with 11 years clinical experience in non-surgical cosmetic treatments and 30 years as senior consultant nurse in the NHS, she heads two successful UK clinics in Norfolk and Essex. Both specialise in a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments with a passion for skin rejuvenation techniques. 

Pam holds a Masters degree, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma with credit in Aesthetic Medicine. She is Vice President of the Society of Mesotherapy UK and a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses. As well as having vast clinical expertise she is also an international lead trainer and educator for the award winning Innomed training academy, training doctors, nurses and dentists in a variety of non-surgical procedures.

Pam is also a board member for the European educational advisory board for Sculptra. As well as education she also presents on the international arena, such as at the Anti-Ageing Congress in Monaco and Europe. Her enthusiastic style means she is regularly invited to present at national conferences. 

As founder and director of Aspire & Co Ltd, Pam has established a successful independent training academy and distribution company leading the way with a new innovative approach to skin health and rejuvenation, pH Formula, using combination medical grade acids to improve cellular turnover and regeneration. Treatments available at SC Skin Clinic!

Call 07838769126 to book!

Wrinkle relaxing injections

1 area of the face £175

2 areas of the face £250

3 areas of the face £300

Stop excessive sweating £400

Stop teeth grinding (bruxism) £300

Dermal fillers from £250 - £350

Lip enhancement £350

Nefertiti neck lift £300

Sculptra £400 per vial

Will need more than one vial to achieve the desired result

ProfHilo £300 per syringe

Will need two treatments a month apart

Mesotherapy £200

For skin rejuvenation, may need more than one treatment a month apart

Fat dissolve injections £200

May need more than one treatment a month apart to achieve the desired effect

Plexr Plasma eyelift £600

Soft surgical eyelift, may need more than one treatment six weeks apart to achieve the desired effect

Plexr Plasma scar removal £150

Soft surgical small scar removal

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