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pHformula Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic

pHformula skin resurfacing

pHformula is the first pharma-cosmeceutical skin resurfacing line, which is the result of an innovative alliance between cosmeceuticals and medical prescriptions.

All skin resurfacing treatment developments are based on the latest technology in regenerative medicine, and are unlike anything else that’s been introduced to the professional skincare market, giving the ideal opportunity to the skin care professional in achieving the best possible results.

Single treatment £100
Course of three £290
Course of six £570

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Helps to treat acne, rosacea, congested skin, red veins, dark circles, lines and wrinkles, neck lines and pigmentation.

Click below for more information on these conditions.

A.G.E treatment

The anti-ageing treatment is ideal for those who wish to reverse the signs of dehydrated, lined and wrinkled skin. The treatment restores the skin’s natural moisture and enhances skin smoothness and complexion.

pHformula Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic
ACNE Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic

A.C.N.E treatment

The A.C.N.E treatment recovers the skin from breakouts and restores complexion from acne scarring. Leaving skin clear of existing acne lesions, and reducing the occurrence of future breakouts.

TCA Touch™ treatment

TCA TOUCH™ is a revolutionary concept with intense stimulation and cell renewal,
excellent skin tolerance and effectiveness with use of the popular TCA Acid.

TCA Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic
Age Spots Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic

Age spots treatment

The skin of the hands significantly thins as we age, along with the loss of soft tissue and muscle volume making hands appear much older. pHformula’s Age Spot treatment reduces the visible signs of wrinkles and ageing on the hands.

M.E.L.A treatment

The M.E.L.A treatment reduces the accumulation of epidermally located melanin and accelerates epidermal cellular turnover, reducing hyperpigmentation. Results are a clearer and more even complexion.

MELA Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic
Complete Restoration Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic

C.R. treatment

The Complete Restoration treatment is for those suffering from chronic redness and rosacea prone skin. With anti-microbial activity, the treatment reduces redness whilst preventing relapses.

Meso resurfacing treatment

The Meso resurfacing treatments were designed to create microscopically channels with the M.E.S.O. glow device, which sufficiently stimulates the natural defences to repair and produce collagen and proteins to the treated areas.

Meso Resurfacing Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic
Neck & Decollete Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic

Neck and decollete treatment

Formulated with an active combination of Salicylic and Mandelic acid it assists in superficial exfoliation and cell renewal, reducing the appearance of premature ageing on the neck and decollete.

Radiance boost treatment

Maximum Vitamin C concentration levels are achieved in a highly absorbable medium. An advanced system which addresses early signs of cutaneous damage.

Boost Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic
Wrinkle Cure Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex - SC Skin Clinic

Wrinkle cure treatment

The combination of specific acids, retinol, vitamin C, cyto-stim, THPE and peptides has resulted in a miraculous treatment with immediate visible results, leaving the skin radiant, firm and well hydrated.

How does it work?

pHformula is a form of controlled chemical skin resurfacing that is very different to conventional peels. These self-neutralising complexes are left on the skin, with effective results and minimal damage. Treatments are performed in clinic, and courses range between 3 - 6 treatments dependent on individual needs.

Different protocols can be combined in a prescription program, with the strength and depth of the products controlled by the skin specialist, as well as the application technique and the number of layers applied during the skin resurfacing procedure. This allows specific treatment programs to be devised to your needs.

A personalised, maximum strength formulation prescription is integrated and used at home in preparation or during completion of the procedure. The resurfacing support products are all formulated with the unique PH-DVC™ complex, which guarantees best possible results and maintenance. 

Beautiful results - outside in and inside out.

pHformula is taking skin resurfacing to the next level, by introducing an 'outside in' and 'inside out' philosophy. Advanced dermatological resurfacing procedures use powerful skin nutrition to assist the skin in rapid restoration.  

What are the benefits?

Unlike other skin treatments, there is no resulting damage left from pHformula and very little downtime. This is because of the fact that unlike chemical peeling, which can be unpredictable, pHformula treatments are controlled by your specialistm, meaning they can be tailored and matched to your specific needs. Working from the inside out, these treatments do not leave superficial damage so that the skin can rapidly restore. 

See further results on their website: pHformula.

How do I start?

It is recommended to book a consultation with us to first to discuss your needs and  assess your current skin condition. pHformula treatments can be tailored to your needs and all come with an after care course of a home care skincare kit routine. This can be discussed upon assessment.

Conditions that will be corrected with the treatments include: acne; sun damage; lines and wrinkles; eye and lip lines; pigmentation; dull skin; rosacea; hand and neck care.

Upon assessment the ideal treatment will be matched, and in some instances it could be a mixture. 


Call 07838769126 to book!

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