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SC Skin Clinic, Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex

Flawless skin


SC Skin Clinic, Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex

SC Skin Clinic - Skin Treatments Hornchurch, Essex.

For an appointment or enquiry please call, text or WhatsApp  
07838 769126
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Welcome to SC Skin Clinic

SC Skin Clinic has been at the forefront of advanced aesthetics and beauty treatments in Hornchurch for over 30 years!

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve the best improvements to their skin. Using the latest treatments and technologies we are able to successfully treat problematic skin conditions and related problems.

The clinical specialist and nurse practitioner at our clinic is highly experienced and a respected professional in her field. She can offer you advice on treatments that will work for your personal requirements and needs.

And don't forget, we still provide all our regular beauty treatments, such as waxing, lash tinting, etc, alongside our advanced treatments.

We can tailor treatments specifically for you and advise you on affordable home care products that will accelerate these results. You can be assured of professional, honest and quality service at SC Skin Clinic. We don’t just do treatments, we specialise in your skin!

SC Skin Clinic, Skin Treatments Hornchurch Essex

“I started my laser treatment at the end of last year and I am currently on session six. I have noticed significantly less hair growth and would highly recommend this clinic. Whilst having treatment Sally noticed that my skin was very dry and it needed a good skincare regime - a month in and my skin is glowing using the products she recommended!” 


—  Fozia Khan — 

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